At the beginning of 2015, US Server Net, LLC will begin operations as a web hosting cooperative, offering memberships that include one or more managed sites.

What's A Coop?

Cooperatives are democratically-run associations formed and directed by people who share economic, social, and cultural needs. Founded on the principle of participatory governance, coops are governed by the members who use their services.

Based on the principles of empowerment, education, and community, coops operate laterally promoting participation within their own organization and through a focus on community interaction.

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USSN has been hosting client sites for 18 years. As we plan the transition to a coop, we are seeking input from clients, friends and others who are interested in managed WordPress hosting in 2015 and going forward. We anticipate many wonderful new developments in the WP community over the next several years. Our coop will enable us to share ideas and support, both for each other and for the talented developers whose software makes VizualWP possible! Email me if you are interested in participating in this experiment in cooperative web hosting.

-How Carson


Drag and drop page layout for WordPress is now available with all site subscriptions at US Server Net. New and updated software combine to make building web pages easy for both designers and do-it-yourselfers. VizualWP includes domain management, WordPress pre-installed on a FAST server, and a package of services, tools and training assembled with easy learning and use foremost in mind.

With many pulls on my time, and lazy tendencies, I'm always searching for better ways to do things quickly and easily without sacrificing quality. (That's probably why I became a systems analyst.) Foremost in my mind when I assembled VizualWP was making it easy for anyone to manage their own web presence. In 2014, after 18 years of working with websites, I have finally seen us catch up to where the world of graphic arts and typography was in the 1990s, when computers became widely used by professional designers and the typesetting industry.

VWP gives subscribers software, services and training designed so anyone can learn to make great web pages. With a billion new websites expected in the next five years, VizualWP let's you pilot your own webcraft and sail into the growing web space.

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