Private Label Domain Email

Are you still using Gmail, Hotmail, MSN or AOL for your business email address?

Because it’s free? Someone is paying for it, even if it isn’t you. Those free email addresses are being paid for by advertisers. Do you get ads and pop-ups offering products and services that relate to what is in your messages? Some free email services use data mining … reading your messages and targeting ads based on your message content. That’s somewhat intrusive, not to mention annoying!

email_banner2You can look and be more professional with your own domain email. Our ad-free, white label domain email is private and practical for less than 14 cents a day! It works with any mail POP3 or IMAP mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) and includes our own browser webmail. And, no one will ever read your messages except you and your recipients.

Domain.Email from USSN includes your own domain name registration and as many mailboxes as you need for yourself, your family, business or organization. Annual pricing starts at $49.95 for 1-2 mailboxes.

NEW Top Level Domains Now Available!

.bike   .builders   .camera   .camp   .careers ($79.95)   .clothing   .coffee

.company   .computer   .construction   .contractors   .directory   .email

.enterprises   .equipment   .estate   .gallery   .graphics   .guru   .kitchen

.land   .lighting   .management   .marketing ($99.95)   .menu ($59.95)

.photography  .photos  .plumbing  .recipes  .shoes  .technology  .tips  .training

If you need more than two addresses, see the chart below for complete pricing information.

Email or call 215-780-1993

1–2 Mailboxes $49.95
3–4 Mailboxes $59.95
5 Mailboxes $67.90
6 Mailboxes $75.85
7 Mailboxes $83.80
8 Mailboxes $91.75
9 Mailboxes $99.70
10–11 Mailboxes $107.65
12–15 Mailboxes $115.60
16–20 Mailboxes $123.55
21–25 Mailboxes $131.50
26–30 Mailboxes $139.45
Over 30 Mailboxes $4.65 per mailbox


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