US Server Net Launches FAST Web Hosting

US Server Net (USSN), a web development and hosting firm based in King of Prussia, PA, announces the availability of its new FAST web hosting service. FAST represents Fast Accelerated Server Technology, a customized suite of high-speed hardware and software offering the accelerated level of performance needed by companies in today's competitive online environment.USSN is headed by CTO Howard Carson, who left an Information Services management career with a Fortune 100 company 15 years ago to start the web consultancy and development business that has grown into US Server Net. Since then, USSN has created a customer base throughout North America, specializing in website subscription packages that meet the needs of business owners with limited budgets.US Server Net ( serves individuals, professionals and non-profits, but focuses primarily on small business. It creates web packages tailored for each client. “Every business needs a web presence in 2013,” Carson says. “In order to compete with the ever-increasing pressures of the global economy, every business has to promote itself, be accessible 24/7, and stay current in their market. The only way to manage this is to hire creative, competent web development and hosting, and that’s where USSN comes in.”

While Carson says USSN comes up with the perfect package for each client, the company puts clients in the driver’s seat, creating a partnership, and encouraging each client to know that he or she can always update, add, or edit information on the site.

In addition to FAST hosting, USSN offers online presence consulting, customized graphic design and web development, search engine optimization (SEO), and training programs that help those who are not yet Internet-savvy understand the importance of online self-promotion and sales. The company offers an Introduction to Web Publishing course as part of its packaging. But newbies can breathe easy: USSN offers “managed hosting,” whereby they take care of all technical issues; preinstall all necessary software; and then take the time to train and work with the site owner, creating peace of mind.

Fast and optimized web pages lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions. USSN’s FAST hosting is designed to help optimize the performance of clients’ websites, contributing to increased viewer satisfaction and adding to the bottom-line value of their web presence.

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For more information about FAST Hosting, please call 215-780-1993 or email