Managed Web Services Done Cooperatively

US Server Net began serving small businesses and non-profits with site planning, design, development, hosting, training, and security management in 1996, always with a focus on performance and reliability.

We transitioned from writing HTML to building sites with WordPress in 2008. Both designers and business owners who manage their own websites love the power and flexibility of this open source web publisher.

Search-engine friendly, it allows for multiple users and is scalable, so it grows as your business grows. As an open source project, it is supported by a worldwide team of developers.

In February, 2015 US Server Net became US Server Net, LLC, an autonomous, self-help organization that provides hosting and related services, online publishing products and education for members, operating in adherence to the principles of cooperative organizations. wordpress1An Advisory Board identifies and makes recommendations on technical, management and staffing issues to be voted on by the membership.

The new US Server Net, LLC will provide the same reliable service as always for a growing base of site owners and those with clients needing managed web services. Members can have USSN host one or as many sites as needed.

Multi-site rates make joining USSN a smart way to offer quality web services.


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How Carson started the company that became USSN. The former publishing systems analyst and network architect began working in hypertext development in 1989. He now teaches and consults on Web Publishing, and serves as USSN's Chief Technical Officer.

Advisory Board